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Participate in Research

Monica’s projects are supported by both research participants and patients as partners. She has a continuum of research that focuses on patient-identified priorities for improved cardiovascular outcomes. 

Monica’s research is conducted within a multidisciplinary team that includes partnerships with relevant stakeholders. Patient partners that have worked with Monica have advised on search terms for systematic reviews, provided insights to grant proposals as co-investigators, assisted with participant recruitment, collected data, informed data interpretation, identified outcomes important to patients, and disseminated study results through presentation and publication. Opportunities to join Monica as a research participant or a patient partner are described below. 

All studies are approved by the University of Toronto Research Ethics Board. For more information or to take part contact: Monica Parry by email or call 416-946-3561

Research Participants Needed

Her Heart Matters. Her Heart Matters is a research project that aims to learn how to improve decision-making, access and quality of care for women who have disabilities and cardiac pain/cardiac symptoms. Women with physical disabilities have a 6.6 times higher odds of coronary heart disease and 5.9 times higher odds of having cardiac pain/cardiac symptoms compared to women without disabilities. Women over 40 years of age living with a mobility limitation (e.g., paraplegia, quadriplegia, osteoarthritis, etc.) and coronary heart disease are invited to take part in an interview (remotely, using Zoom) to explore their cardiac pain/cardiac symptom experiences.

Patient Decision Aid. Building partnerships, improving research quality and impact, and developing best practices underpin values that impact patient engagement in research. We have developed two decision aids (one for patients and one for investigators) to help patients and investigators determine if they are ‘ready’ to engage as/with a patient partner in research. The overall goal of this 2-year project is to refine, translate and evaluate the decision aids to improve sex/gender uptake and patient engagement partnerships in research. Decision aid development is guided by the International Patient Decision Aid Standards, User-Centered Design and the Ottawa Decision-Support Framework. English- and French-speaking patients are invited to our usability and field testing sessions (remotely, using Zoom).

at heart. The overall goal of this research program is to develop and evaluate a digital health intervention (at heart) for women with heart disease. We have completed a systematic review (Phase 1), developed the at heart content/core feature set, Chatbot and triage algorithms (Phase 2A), performed usability testing to ensure at heart was intuitive, satisfying to operate, and valuable to women (Phase 2B), and are currently seeking women to evaluate the at heart intervention in real life for 3 months (Phase 3). The at heart WebApp can be used on any device: computers, tablets, and smartphones. English-speaking women over 18 years of age living in with heart disease in Canada are invited to participate. What’s involved: 

  • a 10-20 minute pre-screen telephone interview,
  • Half of the women will be assigned to a usual care group and half will be asked to use the self-management at heart WebApp for 3 months, 
  • All women will continue with their regular medical care, 
  • Women will complete a survey at the start of the study and another at the end of the 3 months, 
  • All participants will receive a $25 gift card at the end of the study, and 
  • Smartphones will be provided if needed.

Patient Partners Needed

Right now all of our patient partner positions are filled. Please keep in touch for future opportunities.