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Dr. Monica Parry is a Nurse Practitioner (Adult) with over 30 years of cardiovascular (CV) clinical experience.  Her clinical expertise has laid the foundation for a program of research focused to reduce the burden of CV disease and its complications.

Dr. Parry has developed three streams within her research program to: 1) Identify individuals at risk of CV disease, 2) Improve care for individuals with/at risk of CV disease, and 3) Manage complications associated with CV disease.

Research Focus 1: Identify Individuals at Risk of CV Disease

The majority of CV disease is caused by risk factors that can be treated or modified, such as diet, lack of physical activity, and diabetes. Cardiovascular disease disproportionately affects those of ethnic minority and racial groups, and a recent Scientific Statement from the American Heart Association (AHA) highlights sex differences in the cardiovascular consequences of diabetes, noting that diabetes confers greater risk for coronary artery disease (CAD) death in women compared to men.  Read more….

Research Focus 2: Improve Care for Individuals With/At Risk of CV Disease

Women with CAD have cardiac pain that differs from that of men. Women minimize their symptoms, prefer to consult with family and friends, have caring responsibilities and concerns for their family. As a result, women delay seeking appropriate care for their cardiac pain. Women also have more pain after cardiac surgery than men and they want more information about the self-management of pain.  Read more….

Research Focus 3: Manage Complications Associated with CV Disease

In North America almost half a million people undergo CABG surgery annually for CAD; over one third will have persistent chest pain and many will develop heart failure; the final common stage of many cardiovascular diseases. Individuals with diabetes also have an increased risk of developing heart failure independently of other cardiovascular risk factors. Read more….